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    How lazy are you?

    Are you someone that just can't sit still and does everything or are you more laid back and lazy? Take our fun quiz and we'll tell you just how lazy you are.

    1.  If your watching TV and you realize you want to change the channel but don't have the remote, do you?
     Decide you shouldn't be watching TV anyway and turn it off.
     Get up and search for the remote yourself
     Yell at you kids/dog to get the remote for you
     Do nothing an decide to watch whatever is on this channel anyway

    2.  Your in the grocery store and you can't reach the item you want on the top shelve, do you?
     Start to climb shelves like a mountain climber scalimg Everest
     Head off in search of a store attendent to help you
     Stand around for 5 minutes waiting for someone taller to walk by
     Buy the extra large packet instead in the shelve below

    3.  What is your view point of exercise?
     Exercise is good for you, I do it for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week
     I have a brisk walk everyday when its not raining
     Excerise, I knew there was something I was supposed to do today, maybe tomorrow.
     I can't excerise, it will kill me, I have a note from my doctor, honest

    4.  How many dirty dishes are in your sink at the moment?
     None, its sparkling clean
     Only a few from the last meal, but I will get to them
     It's full, but I did wash up 3 days ago
     None, I only use paper plates and plastic knives and forks

    5.  What time of day do you get out of bed on your days off?
     At the crack of dawn, you don't want to waste the day
     Normally around 8am or 9am after a little lie in
     Its not a good sleep if you don't sleep in past noon
     Day? Its always dark again by the time I decide to get up

    6.  You have invited some friends round for dinner, do you?
     Make a full 4 course meal from scratch
     Throw together a simple dinner from the freezer
     Hire a chef to come and cook the meal for you
     Make some excuse about your oven breaking and take everyone out to dinner

    7.  When sending out thank you notes for your christmas presents do you?
     Hand write every thank you note
     Type out one thank you note for all your presents
     Plan to get to them at some point
     Thank you notes? I still havn't unwrapped the presents yet


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